Host Your Next Moola Fundraiser at the

Flying Cow Frozen Yogurt Co


Forget about washing cars or even rummage sales; instead, host your fundraising event at one of our stores in St Louis.  Our exciting self-serve concept of 12 frozen yogurt flavors and 30 toppings lets your supporters create their own masterpieces - why wouldn’t they  want to support you!

How does it work?

Flying Cow Frozen Yogurt will share its sales profits with your organization during a pre-defined 3-hr event during the week.

How much will my organization receive?

At the end of your event we will add up the receipts from everyone who you invited, and even some that  you did not. Within 7 business days you’ll receive a check for up to  20% of sales - that’s some easy Moola! To get started, please fill out the short form below and someone will contact you soon to plan your event.

What is my responsibility?

You are responsible for promoting your event. Try hanging posters, sending emails, posting to Facebook, Tweeting, Eviting or just pleading on your knees - whatever it takes! Just remember, the more people YOU bring in, the more Moola your organization receives.

How soon can we  arrange it?

In most cases we will require at least 7 days after we have received your completed application.  All events will be scheduled on a first come basis as there are limited windows in the day.  So remember to plan now.  During this time, we expect you to contact as many friends and family as you can, herd  them in buses, bikes, scooters , camels , and yes even Cows.

How do I start? 

1. Review the terms and Conditions and accept

2. Select your available date

3. Complete the Request form .

4. Wait for a confirmation from our team.